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Operating Systems Works on all Windows versions and Mac 10.5 and higher

Support for Android Coming Soon!

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How is my webcam on? Multiple pathways for intrusions

Stop Being Watched stops malicious intrusions from spy software and hackers

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Business Solutions Webcam security solution

Answer to a global problem that your company cannot afford to be without!

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SBW works on all Windows operating systems and Mac 10.5 and higher.
Android mobile OS....Coming Soon!
SBW protects and exposes all attempts to access the webcam and audio while currently on a video chat. A pop up will appear with the attempting parties program name and give you the ability to Accept or Decline the attempt in real time.
SBW protects and exposes all attempts to access the camera and blocks the attempting parties until you choose to Accept or Decline.
SBW protects and exposes all attempts to access the audio since the audio is connected to the camera and blocks the attempting parties until you choose to Accept or Decline.
SBW provides a dashboard symbol that allows for the management of the global settings, access the tracking and monitoring portal, access the website, choose to always allow your favorite and secure video chat site(s), and much more. See screenshot below for example.
SBW provides this very important feature that captures the information of all attempts to access the camera and audio and allows for review and printing of all webcam events. Information captured includes; date & time, attempting IP address, program name, Operating System and resulting Accept / Decline. See screenshot below for example report.
SBW provides real-time email and text alerts each time your webcam and audio are accessed. These alerts can be handy in the event the webcam and audio are remotely accessed while not at your home or office computer. The alerts make you aware of unauthorized access anytime night or day.

Reviews & Testimonials:

"My pictures are all over the internet. This privacy software stopped the numerous intrusions to my webcam. Thank you Stop Being Watched!!!"
Lisa Aybike Kir, International model/actress.
The best webcam
privacy solution on
the market
Stop Being Watched is not a webcam or video surveillance company
Stop Being Watched protects consumers from webcam predators
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About Us:

Every individual and corporation is vulnerable to stealth video/audio hacking events that can obtain vital personal and corporate information. Currently all corporations are exposed to access of internal information from the webcam and audio recording functions. The consequences of cyber spying from internal or external threats are the number one information risk management problem facing worldwide commerce. Research has revealed that video and audio spying events are prolific within governments, major corporations, and personal/business devices throughout the world. Readily available spyware is legal to purchase and is being utilized for government espionage, corporate spying, insider trading, celebrity exposure, and child predators.

JH Enterprise Solutions, located in Santa Monica, California, received funding to provide a solution for webcam and audio intrusions. Our mission is to expose all actions that utilize the webcam and/or audio without the knowledge of the user. Stop Being Watched is the result of years of extensive research and development to expose these threats and is essential to protect against unauthorized access and recordings from the webcam/audio functions. SBW exposes this neglected threat and provides a cost effective answer to one piece of this complicated cyber security pandemic.

Stop Being Watched provides an essential layer of privacy that anti-virus products do not address and works in addition to the anti-virus/firewall to expose illegal access and damaging security breaches from the webcam and audio. In addition, our full version offers a deterrent that monitors and documents every attempted access event to the webcam and audio. Stop Being Watched effectively protects government agencies, private industries, and families from intrusive eyes and ears. We believe Stop Being Watched will become the standard of the industry for webcam/audio privacy and be mandated by regulatory agencies and corporations to protect and document all webcam/audio activity.

JAMES HANNON, founder and CEO JH Enterprise Solutions.


Q:   Can an intruder join or spy on my video conference?
 A pop up will appear if any program or intruder tries to join or spy on a ongoing video conference/chat....even if spyware has been secretly or inadvertently installed on your computer. Press Decline to terminate the session if you do not recognize the program or know that someone is planning to join.
Q:  How will I know if someone is trying/tried to access my webcam?
 A pop up will appear containing the information of the program trying to access your webcam.  This pop up will stay on the computer to let you know that someone tried to access your webcam...even if you are not currently viewing your screen.
Q:  Will an intruder be able to see me before I Decline the attempted access?
The answer is sometimes....when using the basic version however, you are notified of what program is attempting access and you can terminate immediately by pressing Decline. 
Q:  What happens when I press Accept in the pop up?
 Trusted programs such as Messenger, Yahoo chat, Skype, that are well known names are OK to press Accept and normal service will continue. These companies have good security. When you don't recognize the program attempting access/ Decline and the attempt will be immediately terminated.
Q:  What happens when I press Decline in the pop up?
 Pressing Decline terminates the attempted access
Q:  How many computers will this work on?
 Each computer will need to download SBW.  Each download is single user license.
Q:  How do I know who or what is trying to access my webcam?
  The name of the program attempting to access the webcam is located in the top left corner of the pop up.  See screenshots for example.
Q:  What action should be taken after the unwanted program has attempted access?
 The information provided by SBW can be valuable by letting you or a computer tech know what to look for.  This could also serve as a warning for other malware that may be accessing you key strokes and screenshots.  SBW serves as a great warning system since many spyware programs perform all these functions.
Q:   Is an intruder able to take video of me?
  Yes, software downloaded or installed can remotely activate the webcam, allowing intruders to capture or watch video of you and anyone near your computer, even your children.
Q:   Can my private banking information be captured?
  Unfortunately, yes. The software that can be installed or downloaded is capable of capturing screen shots and all key stroke information on your computer.  Stop Being Watched is the only software that can warn you of this spyware because most spyware has the ability to do all three functions...take screen shots, record your key strokes, and remotely turn on your webcam.  If the SBW popup appears showing a strange program listed in the left corner....Google that program name ....if it is a known spyware, immediately have your computer serviced and the spyware removed. 
Q:   Can an intruder legally spy on me and my family?
  No, it is against the law. It is a "common law invasion of privacy" and a violation of Federal Law, and it certainly is grounds for a civil lawsuit.
Q:   How do I find out if an intruder is watching me?
 Help figure out if an intruder has been spying on you by downloading Stop Being Watched (SBW) basic version. SBW will notify you with a pop up immediately when someone is trying to turn on your webcam, even if the spyware has been previously downloaded on your computer.  This knowledge of what program is attempting to turn on your webcam will help you determine that spyware may be installed.
Q:   Does my ant-virus software stop webcam intrusions?
 No, anti-virus software does not detect intrusions to your webcam and will not inform you in the event an intruder attempts to access your audio or video. Only Stop Being Watched provides this privacy service.